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Contemplation of tides ebb and flows under rain laden skies has been an occupation recently. The sound of the river tides meeting the sea brings me a lot of relief from the persistent annoyance of tinnitus in both my ears. Slowly over the last few years the ‘electric’ ringing noise has become louder and more insistent. Some days it’s particularly annoying but walking on a beach swapping this horrible noise in my head for the sounds of the waves is pure relief. I could stay there all day. Of course the views and the activities of the seabirds are good distractions too. The waves crashing are like white noise.

I’ve also spent a lot of time spinning at my wheel. I mostly spin on my Majacraft Rose wheel that I purchased several years ago from an elderly friend who has now left her mortal body. I was honoured that she chose me to have her lovely wheel for what was a very nominal sum and I do love spinning with it. The previous owner was a very acerbic and forthright character who did not tolerate fools and since I’m getting longer in the tooth and crankier it’s fitting that I’m the next wheel’s owner. She also marked the foot plates with scarring from dropping the bobbins and I admit to adding a couple more scars in the same way. I did notice a few chin whiskers appearing the other day so my transition to spinning witch is underway…..

Although I weave, knit and crochet with the yarns I make I absolutely love the time I spend preparing and spinning them. There’s nothing better than a basket of skeins.

Handspun yarns dyed with Harakeke seed pods.
Two ply wool yarns from my carded batts
I like working with handspun so much that I’m always excited to add other peoples skeins to my project too.

There was time this week to stroll around Oamaru harbour and enjoy some sunshine yesterday.

It’s not surprising that many of my yarns and weaving feature sea and sky colours.

My dear friend Eowyn came into the shop on Sunday and spent an hour or so carding up some beautiful wool batts. Next week we’ll felt some of them into balls. Eowyn is also a weaver and knitter. I love the care and thought she is putting into her work in the photo below. her batts were beautiful.

It’s definitely starting to feel more wintry here in the south and the days are quieter in the shop so it’s a good time to be making stock.

The first few morning frosts are a reminder to pull out the winter wardrobe and top up the bird feeders.

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