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Ready for a bit of colour

August has been a month so far of  personal weariness aggravated by a cold virus which has left an irritating cough. So much for all the extra vitamins D and C I’ve been taking over the last few months. It’s the tail end of winter in this southern land and so far it’s been pretty good with some lovely bright days despite the freezing cold evenings and early mornings.

There have been some splendid beach walks. We accidentally disturbed this adult fur seal hiding amongst the seaweed and driftwood. Looks a bit like a bear or big dog in the photo. Some days our walks have been more bracing than others.

The winter surf has pounded the beaches with high tempestuous waves.

We also try to do a daily short walk around our rural neighbourhood. Occasionally if we’re feeling more energetic then we’ll tackle the hill behind our house. The other roads are flatter with gentle rises, just enough to get us puffing a bit.

I really enjoy watching the weather roll across the hills on our regular walk. I think I’ve mentioned before that just beside this hill looking like it is emerging from the hill is a circular ‘hobbit’ house. It took the owner several years to self-build and it incorporates all sorts of recycled materials.

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