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I think nature has the the best textures whether it’s a parting of the wool on the warm body of a sheep, or the glistening wet river pebbles. The subdued winter light really brings out the contrast and depth. Here in the south even… Continue Reading “Winter”

Becoming an even slower maker?

Looking more and making less. I’m continually questioning whether I need to make more stuff, dye more yarn, weave more fabric. Should I be selling anything at all? If the Covid19 epidemic has taught me anything it is that being totally physically isolated from… Continue Reading “Becoming an even slower maker?”

Where did the last year go?

I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’ve missed writing and using this site. Seduced I guess by the immediacy of Facebook and Instagram. This is much more my own space. Sometimes the others are just a cacophony of sound and sadly have many… Continue Reading “Where did the last year go?”